Coffee & Change

I began learning about still life photography from Kim Klassen in 2010. She truly is an amazing instructor and has given me the tools and inspiration to take my art beyond what I ever dreamed. This month marks the end of Kim’s year-long Be Still – 52 class, and I’ve learned so very much. I can’t believe it’s nearly over! Below is my take on the Week 48 – Coffee & Change prompt.

Coffee and Change

Well, as you can see, I’ve actually done 4 takes. Kim has recently offered for purchase two collections of her amazing Lightroom presets. These presets allow you to change the mood of your photos with a single click, or give you a jumping off point in expressing your own style.

Kim has some wonderful before and after photos featuring  The Studio Preset Collections on her website, along with detailed info on how you can get them.

The mug and plate for this shot came from Pier 1, and that’s actually my personal journal. And yes, I really did drip coffee on it on purpose. But those chocolate gooey butter cookies? I have no idea how they taste because I can’t eat them…sadness. They sure looked good though!

Oh, and I do have a favorite Coffee & Change edit. What’s yours?


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 Joining Kim today for Texture Tuesday.