What I Learned in May

Today I’m joining Emily Freeman as we recall what we learned this past month. So, in no particular order…

  • I forgot how much I love to plant flowers. I used to put pots of flowers on my porch each spring, but hadn’t done so in quite a few years. This year I took a trip to the nursery and brought home the beauties above. They’re not much, but they make me happy.
  • Starting counseling in January was a very good decision. This has been one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done, but this past month I began to make progress. It’s still hard, yet good at the same time.
  • It is absolutely possible to adore someone you’ve never met. Our newest granddaughter, Eden Rose, was born this month. She and her parents live a thousand miles away and I don’t know when I’ll get to see her in person, but I am totally smitten already.
  • I am terrible at snapchat. The only reason I downloaded the app is because it is my son’s favorite way to communicate, and since he’s the one a thousand miles away with a new baby, well, you do anything to get pictures often. I definitely need more screenshot practice.
  • Fitbit is fun! I love this fitness tracker! There’s just something about reaching that step goal each day. My husband and I even fight over who gets to return the grocery cart to the corral at the store in order to rack up a few more steps. Yeah I know, we’re dorks.
  • I like avocado. Yes, it’s true, I had never tried avocado before this month. After all, it’s green and smushy and green and smushy things can’t possibly taste good. I was wrong.
  • You never know where following a dream might take you. Kim Klassen, still life photography instructor extraordinaire, is holding her first ever live workshop in September! And I get to go! For 4 days! To Canada! Pinch me!

That’s all for this month! Can’t wait to see what June brings.



3 thoughts on “What I Learned in May

  1. “oh yeah- me too!” is what I said to many of your bullet points! Plants make me so happy, too.. even when they aren’t anything that special, just watching their daily growth amazes me.

    I am SO thinking about a fit bit or something like it.. my best friend got one a few weeks ago and we keep obsessively talking about it. It’s probably just a matter of time before I get one too.

    I have been making guacamole nearly every day. Or putting avocado on toast. So good!

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