I have an on-again/off-again relationship with journaling, mostly because of my perfectionism. I’ll start a journal, keep at it for awhile, but eventually stop. Then because I missed so many days and things have changed so much since I stopped and I don’t have time to fill in all the gaps in the story, I feel I have to start all over. I’m embarrassed at the number of journals I own that are a quarter full.

But…my counselor suggests I journal, so I will try again, and in true fashion I’ve gone overboard…

Okay, so in my defense, this photo came about from a still life prompt in The Studio, but, well, yeah. It’s no wonder I give up…so much pressure to use all these pretty things!

I have two goals to accomplish in journaling: to take time to write what I’m thinking and feeling and mulling over, and to capture my thoughts and other details throughout the day. I have attempted this most recently using digital tools, but it’s just not working for me. So here’s my two-fold plan, totally nabbed from, ahem, inspired by Emily Freeman’s recent post. I’m ditching digital for analog, giving Morning Pages a try in an attempt to corral my swirling thoughts, and using the Bullet Journal method as a daily collection tool. Perhaps I’ll use my pretty things, perhaps I won’t.



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